Culture:  We have a high performance culture that is founded on two key elements:  Discipline & ExLoc 360 NewIntegrity.  As an organization & individuals, we strive to be Disciplined People with Disciplined Thought which leads to Disciplined Action & Disciplined Interaction.  All of that is under girded by Uncompromising Integrity, believing that achieving tremendous results is not mutually exclusive to also maintaining a good name.   

Looking for a great place to start a career?

Great Atmosphere, Great People.  Our company culture respects, values and encourages each individual’s personal and professional growth.  When you join Express Locations you will join a team that values People, Integrity, Being the Best, and strives to help its employees establish a healthy Work/Life Balance. 

Dynamic Growth Opportunities.  With planned store growth of at least 35% over the next two years, we’re not just growing the business, we’re also creating opportunities.  High performance and commitment of our Mission, Vision and Values will equal opportunities.

Competitive Salaries and Benefits.Health and Dental insurance, company matching 401K, sales incentives and bonuses, and recognition events.  Average Store Manager compensation is in excess of $50K

Industry Leader. Express Locations is the leading Premier T-Mobile agent in almost all the key industry metrics. This means you’re joining a company that has a system for success.

Passionate – Bias For Action – Competitive – Adaptable – Confident – Producer -Just a few of the words to describe our team of professionals dedicated to executing our strategic plan.



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